Unable to import the csv file

I am reaching out to seek assistance with an issue I’ve encountered while using your software. I have followed the installation instructions provided in the manual and successfully installed AtroCore on my Windows PC. However, I am facing a challenge with importing CSV files into the system.

The import process seems to initiate correctly, but the status of the import remains ‘pending’ and does not progress to completion. This issue persists despite several attempts and verifying that the CSV file format aligns with the required specifications.

Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue? If there are specific configurations or steps that I need to ensure for the import process to function correctly, I would greatly appreciate detailed instructions.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your prompt response to help me utilize AtroCore to its full potential.

Hi Tushar030790,

Have you tried performing the same import with just one item? Sometimes, importing large amounts of data can cause delays in the process. By importing a single item and confirming its success, you can rule out any issues with the import itself. If it works smoothly with one item, then it’s likely just a matter of waiting for the larger import to complete.

Best regards,


Hello Tushar,

Please check your queue manager, it may have a lot of jobs that are already running and blocking the launch of import jobs. It could also be that the queue manager is paused, so the jobs cannot move to the status “Running”. You can pause or unpause the queue manager here