Failure performing Update

The Error message is Failed! Undefined Index: fields

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to track down the variable that is causing the failure

Thank You

Hello Anthony,
This is a migration bug. It’s a quite non-trivial issue, we will work on it. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed and you can update.

Thank you so much !!! A great piece of software !!!

Hello Anthony,
The bug was fixed in the Core 1.9.10. Please set ^1.9.10 in the “Setting Version” field before updating the system. Please let us know if the problem is not resolved.

Thank you Anna for the quick turn around … apologies for the late response.

I will attempt the fix ASAP

II do not experience the same failure however the updates do not advance after several tries … any thoughts ?

Do you have any error logs?

The differences between your installed versions and current versions are too big. Problems can be different, and it is very hard to understand, where they can be…
If you will not manage to do the update, you can try to install the new software and migrate the data manually, or, alternatively, order our paid support.

Seems to be a few people getting caught out with this. Take a look at Failed update missing table and the issue referenced in there.

One of the big things that affected us was that when doing a large number of updates the restore may not work properly. We spent a lot of time trying things and it was not until we started again from a full db and app server restore that we were able to progress using the steps given by support.

Note as well that when doing the rebuild database, watch the sessions in the database as the ui looks like it has finished when it has not on some of the larger updates.

It can be done though